Some strategic rethinking required by Pakistan in light of Peshawar School attack

17 Dec

Having listened to a revealing @BBCasiannetwork interview with former head of #ISI LtGen Asad Durrani in light of the barbaric attack by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on a Peshawar Military Public School, i had to pen my thoughts. Former head of ISI in 1990s LtGen Asad Durrani seemed to accept the basic accusation and did not make any attempt to deny that ISI may indeed have aided/abetted/funded the Taliban (+othr Jihadi networks) not just in the 1980s(when it was done with full US backing against Russian occupying forces in the region),but implication is that it may have done so recently over the last decade, well after USA stance on Taliban/Mujahideen had turned full circle from being an ally against Russia to being an enemy offering Al-Qaeeda a base to train & attack western interests in less than two decades. Pakistan establishment became a target for TTP when Musharaf was caught between a rock and a hard place after Bush turned around post 9/11 and said you’re either WITH US or AGAINST US…Musharaf was astute enough to know which side of his chapatti is buttered, so he allowed US drones access to bomb regions in NWFP where Afghan Taliban were re- grouping helped by TTP. The Pashtun have a concept of revenge when one child in their village is killed, that village becomes dutibound to take revenge and their enemity against perpetrator lasts 3 generations…thus the guns were turned against their former aider/abetter>The Pakistan authorities…this enemity will not disappear overnight…the callous act of killing masoom little kids has provoked even those Pakistani Taliban sympathisers who hitherto had some sympathy for the Tribal Pashtuns in that they wrongly believed propaganda by the west was invented(even Malala has become an icon of western propaganda in their eyes) to unfairly malign what were otherwise brave orthodox muslim tribals defending their home territory & ‘islamic way of life’ against outsiders whom they see as infidel invaders. Finally the ‘wood for the trees’ is clear for all to see…some refused to condemn Taliban stance on female education seeing it as unwanted external interference..these would be the same apologists who stayed quiet when centuries old Buddha Statues of Bamiyan carved into the hillside were destroyed by Taliban in 90s…they even stayed quiet when Taliban imposed Zizya(Infidel Tax) on non-muslims in Afghanistan….their sympathisers remained silent when TTP anounced their mission to forcibly convert the #Kailash tribals who have co-existed peacefully in the picturesque chitral valley for centuries, the sympathisers were dumbstruck when TTP turned on the #Ismaili followers of AghaKhan this year to convert or face their wrath.. finally these Pakistani Taliban sympathisers were mute when POLIO vaccine aid workers were being killed in open daylight by TTP because they prefered to believe the Talibani Mullahs who convinced these muffins that foreigners are vaccinating Pashtun kids to make them sterile in an effort to finish off their ‘tribe’! Yep these were the same Taliban Mullah’s who saw any form of music as unholy punishable by Allah….but all this was not enough for some to “see the wood for the trees” (i can only hazard a guess that these sympathies stemmed from an ill conceived allegiance of ‘brotherhood’ simply because the Taliban with all their anomalies prayed to the same God by the same name hence by definition these guys ‘can’t all that bad can they?’ attitude must have fogged the minds of even god fearing people with one iota of compassion for humankind) …IT TOOK A PHENOMENALLY CATASTROPHIC AND CALLOUS ACT for some to realise this TALIBAN sort of MENTALITY aint so HOLY after all because it goes as far as killing defenseless children of fellow Pakistani’s many of whom supported them until recent times! I rest my piece. (nb; Those Pakistanis who in their patriotic zeal hold the #ISI to be their saviour from external threats to the nation need to ask themselves and their government some probing questions and reappraise critically whether ISI backing for terrorist organisations has made Pakistani citizens safer or more at risk of being target of terrorism for there needs to be a top-down rethink through the ranks whether its right for ISI to support/aid/abet/fund the likes of #HaqqaniNetwork and all those other terrorist outfits who are no different to TTP in so many ways. To my mind the workings of the ISI backed by military high command are a self fulfilling prophecy that works in the best interest of a select group of people within Pakistan that have their hand firmly on the stearing)

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